Turning Kindle Vella Serials into Ebooks, Print and Audio

I love writing for Amazon’s one-year-old Kindle Vella serial reading platform. One of the more interesting features is the ability to turn your Vella story into an ebook, print, or audio book once it’s been available to readers for at least 30 days. (Guidelines are current as of blog publishing date.)

I haven’t done this yet, but I know a few fellow Kindle Vella authors who have. I thought it would be fun to showcase some of them in this blog post in the order I first found out about them.

Note By Note by Stella Ann George

In a search for answers about their mysterious circumstances, Finn and Jessica find themselves in an increasingly dangerous world neither of them could have imagined. Staying one step ahead of deadly outside forces makes falling in love a little … complicated.

Note By Note on Amazon

Slit Throat Saga by Teshelle Combs

Can Nexus save the world trying to destroy her? Prepare your heart for a brand new epic fantasy like none other. FIVE STARS for Slit Throat Saga on Amazon and of course it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Also available in kindle ebook and paperback! This Kindle Vella turned book will suck you right into its thrilling pages.

Slit Throat Saga on Amazon

The Days Removed by Amber Street

Short Story – Bonnie Dailey and her friends thought that they were losing their minds, along with millions of other Americans across the United States, when one Thursday suddenly disappeared. But it was soon discovered that it was due to a huge government experiment that was an attempt to try to save the Earth from an asteroid that was half the size of Earth and due to hit the planet in a month.

The Days Removed on Amazon

Marriage Unrest (Audio) by Y. Stokes

Lisa, the attorney wife, and Tyrone, the detective husband are having marital problems. Tyrone thinks moving back to their hometown might help, until the unthinkable happens. On the journey home, the couple stumbles into an active crime scene. They have to work together to stay alive. Some lies are told, some truths are revealed, and someone doesn’t make it home.

Marriage Unrest Audio

A Trashy Medieval Romance by Sinnamon Carnelian

Lust and love are such fickle things. One day you are pursued by one, the next day, the other pounces. Teagan dedicated her life to the care of the war orphans in her kingdom, thinking only of them until she is forced to do otherwise.

A Trashy Medieval Romance on Amazon

Heavenhold: Warrior Online by Tim Niederriter

Of all the things I can’t have, the gates top the list.

Heavenhold is a part of the game world no player has ever gone. Even me.

I’m Rooster, a streamer in this virtual reality shooter. The world is open. The enemies are smarter than in any game before.

Turns out some of those enemies are more than programs with guns. One of them wants to make a deal with me that might let me pass the gates. Turns out, this AI wants to borrow a body. What could go wrong if I lend him mine?

Heavenhold: Warrior Online on Amazon

Revere Me: Fleeing from the Fae King by Lina Jubilee

I’ve waited an eon to find you. You, my bride, the other half to my soul. But I noticed you too late, the annual fete that was supposed to bring us together not your time to shine. My need for you threatens us all… Nonetheless, I will have you. The world is meaningless without you. Love me. Bow to me. Revere me.

I was supposed to be safe. My years as an eligible maiden were behind me, so no fae should have sought my hand at the Fae King’s Fete. Yet you caught me breaking the rules, and my fate rested in your hands. Instead of banishing me to the labyrinth of madness surrounding your castle, you vowed to let the world crumble to have me at your side. 

Revere Me: Fleeing from the Fae King on Amazon

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