Taking My Short Stories Off Kindle

Miranda Schell Short Stories

This may sound crazy, but I’ve decided to take my short stories off of Kindle and post them as pages on my website at no cost.

Two of them–Memory Lane and Sing Me A Poem–are still in Kindle Unlimited so I have to wait until that expires to unpublish them on Kindle.The third, A One-Way Ticket, is in the final editing stages and should be done soon.

I love writing short stories and would rather they be read than if I make a few dollars off of them. I’m not abandoning paid writing altogether. My Posey Falls Series is still on Kindle and I’m continuing to add books to the series. My Kindle Vella serial, Andie Schubert Cozy Mysteries, is also available.

As soon as the short stories are up on my website I’ll post the links.

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