Why I’m Writing

Hi, I’m Miranda Schell. Welcome to my author website. 

I’ve been a storyteller since I was young, but didn’t start writing until after a career in the government and then owning a consulting business. 

When I was in elementary school, my dad worked the night shift as a policeman. Lying awake in bed, I was unable to quiet my restless mind until he was safely back at the house, so I told myself stories to pass the time.

The stories started out as adventures where I would be the next Caddie Woodlawn, one of the many books my dad read to me and my sister.

As I got older, my stories became more sophisticated, or as sophisticated as a teenage girl thought they were. Into adulthood, the stories helped me make sense of relationships and life. I never thought of translating them into written stories until much later in life.

I’ve been enjoying expanding those early stories, and writing new ones, that explore love, life, and fate.

Save Me A Dance, my first novella, is a fictional telling of my parents’ true-life love story that seemed guided by fate. Some of the names, people, and places have changed, but the heart of their story remains.

I used that story to launch my Posey Falls series. I have two stories published so far in the series, with the third one due out in Spring of 2022.