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Let Your Loving Live Kindle Vella Story

As I’ve written before, I’m all in on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform for my writing. I’ve loved writing my family stories, but I was looking for something else to write, too.

Digging through the manuscripts on my hard drive, I came across a women’s fiction novel that I’d started a few years ago, called It’s My Life. I was close to publishing it last March, but when Amazon opened Kindle Vella for authors to start posting stories, I thought it would be a great place for It’s My Life.

I soon discovered that Kindle Vella didn’t have a category for women’s fiction (they still don’t for some reason), so I set it aside and published my cozy mystery and family stories.

When I came back across it, though, I saw it through fresh eyes. I’d been publishing on Kindle Vella for nearly a year so I understood better how the platform worked. I knew that It’s My Life could easily be reworked for a clean romance for the site.

After toning down the women’s fiction aspects, I played up the romance angles, and added more tension between the main characters–Jenna, Paul, Drew, and Tanya.

Episode 1 Song I Wrote For You

In the first episode, someone send Jenna a song. But who? And why?

Click this link to check it out. The first three episodes are FREE.

What’s Up With The Title?

I also changed the title to Let Your Loving Live. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to come up with original romance titles! Well maybe you would. Anyway, the ones I thought fit the story were already taken, so I looked in a different place.

There’s a line from a song I like with the words, Let Your Loving Live, and I thought it fit my story perfectly :).

Let Your Loving Live Kindle Vella Story

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