Miranda Schell

When I started writing seriously several years ago, I thought I would write novels about love, life, and fate. I even started a few.

But, as the word count grew, my interest waned. I even hired a book coach to help me write one of my books because I loved the story and characters so much. About 20,000 words in, she said it sounded like I was writing separate short stories and not a novel.

That was my lightbulb moment – short stories would be a much better medium for me. I happily pursued them and found the quicker pace fit my writing style better. When Amazon announced Kindle Vella, their version of a serial platform, I thought it would be a great way to publish some of my ideas that weren’t suited to a short story, but I could write and publish in small chunks to keep boredom at bay. The best of both worlds!

I ended up loving the format of publishing episodes and not waiting until a whole story was completed before bringing it to the public. And the friends I’ve made with other Kindle Vella authors has been the icing on the cake as I pursue writing full time.

I still have a few novellas on Kindle Unlimited in my Posey Falls series, but I’ve taken my short stories off Kindle and have them on my website (see menu tab). All of my writing energy is now focused on Kindle Vella. I hope you enjoy reading my serials as much I’m enjoying writing them.

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