The Dorchae Kindle Vella Series

The entities, names, places, events, and incidents on this page are used fictitiously or are the products of the author’s imagination for the Kindle Vella series, The Dorchae. Words found in The Dorchae are categorized by type below and include pronunciation, meaning in English, and significance in the series. For the history of the village of Coillemaorga, click here.


Dorchae: DOR-ah-huh – the last syllable is softly guttural (means dark or obscure in Old Irish). Family of witches cast out by their coven because they cast spells through thoughts.

Maorga Loinnir: WEER-a-gah len-yin (means Majestic Light or Shimmer). It’s the name of the coven in Ireland.


Coillemaorga: KWEH-leh WEER-a-gah (means Forest Majestic). It’s the village where the Irish coven lives. 

River Loinnir: len-yin (means shimmer or light). Runs near Coillemaorga and is one of the aquatic ley lines.

First Names

The first six people are Maorga Loinnir Coven Elders

Cóemgein: KWEE-vin (means handsome, kind, gentle)

Saoirse: SER-sha (means freedom or liberty)

Aisling: ASH-ling (means dream or vision)

Eoghan: owen (means born of the Yew tree)

Niamh: NEE-iv (means radiance or brightness)

Darragh: darra (means oak tree)

Pádraig: PAW-drig (means nobly born). He’s Elder Cóemgein’s apprentice.


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