Mid December Goal Check In

Starting in November I started focusing my writing exclusively on my Kindle Vella stories. I had some rough goals for that month, but was still feeling things out. For December I had concrete goals for number of published episodes and increasing readership. Let’s see how I’m tracking so far.

Goal for Number of Episodes

In November I published a total of 9 episodes:

  • Andie Schubert Cozy Mysteries (ASCM) – 4 episodes
  • Edmund and Ella (EAE) – 5 episodes
  • Mary Heuertz’s Daughters (MHD) – 0 episodes

I definitely wanted to do better, especially with the last one. I had published one episode of MHD on October 31st, but dropped the ball in November. When somebody read one episode the first week of December, I was shamed into publishing more episodes.

My goal for December was to publish four episodes of ASCM and ten episodes each of the other two. EAE and MHD are family history stories I had already done the research, it’s just been a matter of creating a story around the facts I already know.

Since it’s mid-December, let’s see how I’m doing so far:

  • ASCM – 0 for 4
  • EAE – 4 for 10 (+1 scheduled)
  • MHD – 7 for 10

I’m behind on my Andie Schubert Cozy Mysteries, but I got so sucked into the family stories that I forgot to go back to them.

Plan to Finish December Strong

Since I already have seven episodes for Mary Heuertz’s Daughters, I’m going to finish and publish the next three first.

Next, I’ll focus on Edmund and Ella to get those up to ten published episodes. I’m confident I can finish those two goals by December 21st.

That leaves ten days to write and publish four episodes of Andie Schubert Cozy Mysteries. That is completely doable!

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